June 02, 2017

U15 Tourney Info - BLUE

This is Coach Clay / Back from a family vacation (and ready for a vacation away from my kids) :-)  

Thank you Coach Hale for running practice in my absence with the Blue team and sending a tourney note out last night. 


Attached you should find the entire bracket for the U15 field.  Blue U15 is on the upper right hand side.  Blue could possibly play on Saturday at NOON, 3PM, and 6PM.  This is single elimination so any loss and the season is over.  If Blue would win all 3 games on Saturday we would be guaranteed 2 games on Sunday afternoon. 

It appears we have just 11 or 12 players for this tourney.  Please text Coach Clay at 765-376-7194 if your child is not attending (with the exception of the 2 I already know).  Please bring plenty of water and something to snack on between games.  They do have a concession stand if its easier to just bring money.  We will have only about 60 minutes between end of game(s) and warm up for the next game.  I would not suggest eating a full meal between games.  

The noon team is a team we beat 7-1 earlier in the year so we should stand a pretty good chance of at least advancing to the 3PM game.   We have not played the 3PM team and based upon the fact its a 7 seed vs a 10 seed we should be evenly matched. 

If you have not been to the fields before please note this is the BEN DAVIS SOCCER COMPLEX and not the High School.  Its located at 7550 W 21st St Indianapolis.  It's near Girls School Road and W 21st St.   There are several fields so be looking for the Blue Jerseys.  All 3 possible games on Saturday are at fields 12 or 13. 

See you tomorrow a little before 11:30AM for what hopes to be a full day of soccer.