June 13, 2017

Wabash soccer camp? please let me know :)

Hello MC United folks :)

Coach Chris Keller from Wabash would like to know how many players from our club plan to come to the Wabash Youth Camp (july 17th through 20th). The camp is for players 4-13. Players ages 4-7 play for two hours (9-11 am) each day; older players (8-13) can do just those two hours or can do an "extended" camp, which runs until 2:30.  For more information, go to www.wabashsoccercamp.com. If we get more than 12 players there, we get a $20 discount per player!

Please email me (hortonr@wabash.edu) or text me (7653762915) if your player is planning to attend that camp. thank you :)


p.s. you can find more information about the camp in the announcement that Lisa Kidd sent out a couple of weeks ago.