October 09, 2017

MC United Soccer Club Wraps Up Another Successful Season, 2018 Spring Registration Now Open!

The MC (Montgomery County) United Soccer Club finished another successful season of soccer with high level sportsmanship and a growing skill set at each level of play. The U10, U12 and U15 teams ended the season with winning records, with each team playing 10 regular season games.

The results of the season are as follows:


The U10 team, consisting of 12 players, won eight games and lost two (by a small margin) during its 10- game season. The team scored 61 goals in total and had just 14 goals scored against it during the regular season of play. The final tournament ended with two wins and one narrow loss (1-0).


The U12 team, consisting of 16 players, continued to dominate the league with an undefeated regular season of play for the third consecutive season, placing it first in the league. The team enjoyed a record of 50 goals scored for and 13 goals against. In tournament play, the team enjoyed three wins out of four games of play. The final game in the tournament ended with a 3-2 loss and placed the team second in tournament play.


The U15 team included 12 boys and four girls, with all three Montgomery County school districts represented. The team finished with nine wins and one loss, scoring 53 goals and allowing only four, and placed second in the regular season standings. The team did not participate in the league tournament due to conflicts with the middle school conference tournament, in which the majority of team players participated for their respective schools.

2018 Registration!

It is that time of year again when the MC United Soccer Club invites seasoned and new players to register for the spring season. The early bird registration fee is just $90.00 and remains in effect until December 1, at which time it increases to $115.00. A copy of the registration form is attached or sign-up is available on-line at www.mcusc.org.

For those youth in the county playing middle school or high school level soccer, the MC United Soccer Club is an excellent venue for continuing to enhance skills throughout the entire year. Practices are held beginning in January, with the official spring season beginning in March and ending in May.

Founded in 2014, the MC United Soccer Club aims to provide an opportunity for all players to participate in a competitive environment that develops a player’s skills, knowledge and appreciation for the game of soccer by incorporating the best training, structure and development through experienced and positive coaching.

Through playing competitive soccer, we strive to help players mature as people, encouraging the development of important life skills such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting and fair play.