October 31, 2018

U12 Ice cream social Sunday at 6:30 pm (note the new time)...with requests for bringing stuff :)

Hello all,

Our end of year ice cream social and awards banquet will be on Sunday at 6:30 pm (we moved it a bit earlier to help folks get kids to bed at a reasonable hour on a school night).

Coaches will provide bowls, spoons, and drinks for the evening, and it would be great if some families could bring a half gallon of your favorite ice cream and others could bring toppings (e..g, whip cream, cherries, chocolate sauce, etc.). I have assigned each family to bring one other the other of those things (see below), but if you feel strongly about bringing the "other", just let me know.

take care, and see you on Sunday.


Families to bring 1/2 gallon of favorite ice cream: Custer, Hurt, Murray, Gardner, Turner, Medina, Callejas, Watt

Families to bring toppings: Novak, Link, Wolcott, Miller, Carlson, Keifer, Johnson/Mason